Modern Orthodontics – Do You Need Braces?

While the appearance of braces on a person’s teeth is relatively commonplace today, it was less common just a decade or two ago. In previous years, the chance of coming across a person with wearing traditional braces was not rare, but not as common as it is now. This could be one of the reasons why wearing braces was considered embarrassing or humiliating – nobody likes to be different when they are a teenager.

For people who did not wear braces, it could be confusing as to why someone would willingly allow a dentist to place metal rails on their teeth. Of course, people in the 21st century have the option of invisible braces to avoid the drawbacks of the traditional style. Regardless, the question remained as to why a person would choose to wear braces. This article will discuss the different reasons modern orthodontists prescribe braces as a dental treatment.

The primary reason for wearing dental braces is to bring the teeth into proper alignment. This will result in the so-called perfect wide-toothed grin where all the teeth are set in neat rows. The perfect smile is an aesthetic goal that many people strive to achieve in today’s society, due to the appearance of models and celebrities. Some individuals can achieve the toothy grin through simple whitening of the teeth; however, those with misaligned jaws may require the use of braces. To learn more visit or see this page for a list of Portland Orthodontists.

Contrary to popular belief, braces are not used exclusively by people who have severely ‘crooked’ teeth. In fact, even individuals who were not born with crooked teeth may find themselves needing treatment at some point in time. This is due to the fact that, as we age, the alignment of a person’s teeth with begin to alter making the perfect smile less perfect. Changes in tooth alignment can occur for various reasons including the growth of wisdom teeth or the change of a tooth’s position due to an accident. Regardless, the use of braces will be beneficial to rectify this situation.

By improving the appearance of teeth, it can be seen that dental braces will offer further advantages associated with the smile. For example, the perfect smile can improve an individual’s confidence, and people will begin to notice your presence far more than before. Furthermore, you are more likely to succeed in your projects because people are willing to assist people who appear friendly or attractive.

While it is possible to purchase and begin using braces on your own, it is always recommended that you consult with a dental professional before beginning treatment. A dentist will be able to help decide on the most suitable types of braces and the best way to use them.